Steffian Bradley Architects Announces Three New Stockholders

Boston, Massachusetts – October 2016 - Steffian Bradley Architects (SBA), a leading international architectural design firm headquartered in Boston since 1932, has announced that  Derek Noble, AIA, LEED AP, Chris Waltz, AIA, LEED AP, and Teresa Wilson AIA, LEED AP are now stockholders in the company.

Derek Noble, a graduate of Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute (B. Arch/B. Science), has worked in SBA’s Connecticut office for over 10 years, serving as Principal and Design Director.  Noble’s leadership, creativity and passion produce compelling spatial environments that respond to the specifics of each unique project rather than imposing a predetermined style. He contributes over 20 years of design experience in architectural and interior design, space programming and planning, site design, and construction methodology to the firm. As a designer, architect (and occasional artist), Derek is driven by a collaborative process and innovative problem solving, which lead to strategic and thoughtful intentions.

Chris Waltz, a graduate of Virginia Tech (B.S. Civil Engineering/B.A. History/M. Arch) has over 15 years of experience working and living in the U.S. and Europe. Waltz, a Principal and Operations Director in SBA’s Connecticut office, brings a strong technical background to all of his projects with special expertise in accessibility, sustainability and building technology.  With diverse experience in the Academic, Healthcare, Residential and Senior Living sectors across the U.S. and abroad, he brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to each project, resulting in unique design solutions that are not restrained by pre-conceived ideas. Waltz believes that environmental consciousness, aesthetic beauty, and functionality should be combined in equal parts to create buildings that are an experiential treat for the users as well as a source of pride for the Owner and the surrounding community.

Teresa Wilson, a graduate of University of Michigan (B.Arch/M.Arch), has worked at SBA Boston for the majority of her 24 years of professional practice. Wilson was recently named Managing Director of the Boston Office. Wilson has served as healthcare planner for SBA and SBA’s strategic planning group Sterling Planning Alliance (Sterling), and as Principal-in-Charge of healthcare projects throughout New England.  Her experience with SBA and Sterling, along with her expertise in integrating innovations in healthcare design for our clients, mentoring, and implementation of strategic improvements internally has helped Wilson excel in her new role. Wilson spends most of her time working directly with clients focusing on planning concepts, master planning, programming, LEAN design and fostering collaborative and responsive team relationships.

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