PDC Summit Pre-Conference FGI Workshop

Steffian Bradley Architects CEO & Global President Kurt Rockstroh, FAIA, FACHA and President of U.S. Operations Kirsten Waltz, AIA, ACHA, EDAC, LEED AP, will be facilitators for the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) Pre-conference Workshop in San Diego, CA before the 2016 PDC Summit. Both Kurt and Kirsten are actively involved with FGI, with Kurt serving as President for the 2014 edition and Kirsten as vice chair of the 2018 outpatient facilities healthcare guidelines revisions committee. 

Workshop groups will be given a chance to examine workflows, specifically analyzing the current guidelines regarding clearances around beds, stretchers, and exam tables for inpatient and outpatient facilities. Groups will consider patient experience, clinician experience, and patient safety with the ultimate goal of validating or revising the current assumptions in the 2014 FGI Guidelines.

Specific questions will include:

  • Check each Guideline requirement for the space assigned.
  • Do we need a requirement for this item, or could we get rid of it?
  • Could it be a consideration instead of a requirement?
  • Under what circumstances could we make a lesser dimension work? Under what circumstances should a larger dimension be required?
  • How would your answer change if it were a pediatric room?
  • Are there other dimensions or clearances not listed that need to be?

The group will also study proposals currently under consideration for the 2018 edition of the Guidelines. Using the feedback from these teams, FGI will be able to produce a White Paper discussing the outcomes, and the recommendations, as a crowd-sourced consensus of expert opinion. Want to attend? See the program description and register here.  If you can’t attend and would like to receive feedback on how the workshops went, reach out. 

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